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Worcester has become a national hot bed for investment properties. Worcester has seen aggressive increases in rents year over year (a trend which is steadily continuing). Worcester is also experiencing what I call forced appreciation from all ofthe large scale projects such as Polar Park, new home for the Woo Socks, and the multiple infrastructure and housing development projects in the heart of the city. This makes the investment opportunities very attractive for first time and highly experienced investors.

My team and I are always looking for investment opportunities for our clients and we are experienced in helping first time investors navigate the challenging world of real estate investing. The digital world is packed full of information, podcasts, book sand self-proclaimed guru’s claiming they know the perfect strategy for kicking off your real estate investment journey. We will help you determine specifically what real estate strategies will work best for you in the local market at no charge to you. Leverage our experience and network of industry professionals to get you started in the right direction.

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