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Part One - How to make your property work for you!

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Here we go! (323 words - 3 minute read)

       Most of you know me as your local real estate agent with all the answers to your real estate needs. I spend the majority of my days working with sellers, buyers, developers, builders and investors on hundreds of projects. I pride myself in being able to provide honest, transparent, and quality insights to all of my clients in this tricky market. I recently put all of this knowledge and, more importantly, network to the test. I helped my most valuable client to date, my mother! (Sorry everyone else! She raised me)

I got into real estate for one reason, to help people. I was able to put my years of experience and building my career to the test. I helped the person who has known me longer than anyone else on this planet, my mother. She wanted a life of less stress and more enjoyment as she approaches retirement. She wanted to live life to the fullest and spend time doing all of the things she loves. Her house, the house my brother and I grew up in and most kids our age knew very well was slowing becoming older, more dated, and in need of serious attention. Attention that mom was not able to provide it. While she did a tremendous kitchen update to bring some life back to the living area, the rest of the house needed love. There was no way around it.

CLICK HERE for the before virtual tour. 






Starting today, I am going to pull back the curtains and tell everyone exactly how we did it, the decisions we made and the numbers behind our decisions. Sharing with you all of our wins and losses. It has been truly a group effort from many different businesses, individuals, friends and family members to make this happen.

Over the next month+ I will provide the candid and sometimes hard truths I experienced while going through this test!


Wish me luck! 

Gary Gay - REALTOR, real estate advisor, business owner, investor?





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